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WO-2012069141-A1: Motion device for a movable furniture part patent, WO-2012116905-A1: Axle system patent, WO-2013071927-A1: Plug-in tongue patent, WO-2014079644-A1: 9-speed planetary gearbox patent, WO-2014114476-A1: Method for authenticating a user with respect to a machine patent, WO-2016146092-A1: Prechamer spark plug for igniting a fuel-air mixture in an internal combustion engine patent, WO-9408109-A1: Railing made of prefabricated standard components patent, WO-9910774-A1: Magazine slide with test section windows patent, WO-9914059-A1: Binding element patent, WO-0223471-A1: Contact-free data carrier patent, WO-03076599-A3: Culture/exposure devices, kit for assembling a device of this type and method for cultivating and exposing prokaryotes patent, WO-2004041608-A2: Hydraulic vehicle brake patent, WO-2006100148-A3: Method and device for generating a triggering signal for a passenger protection device patent, WO-2006114437-A1: Electric interface device for the transmission of electric power between a vehicle and an implement coupled to the vehicle patent, WO-2007068538-A1: Turbomachine patent, WO-2008000604-A1: Hydrodynamic retarder patent, WO-2008080669-A1: Apparatus for holding an electrical machien such that it is decoupled from vibration patent, WO-2008090022-A1: Circuit arrangement and method for detecting electrical quantities patent, WO-2008145090-A1: Magnetic clamping device patent, WO-2009046944-A3: Parallel reactor with press closure patent, WO-2009065396-A2: Motor vehicle door lock patent, WO-2010083810-A2: Method and device for blow-forming containers patent, WO-2010108466-A1: Contact element for an electrically conductive connection between an anode and an interconnector of a high-temperature fuel cell patent, WO-2012097777-A1: Method for data transmission patent, WO-2013072184-A1: Lift with safety device patent, WO-2014012642-A1: Meat maturing cabinet patent, WO-2014029553-A1: Piston pump for supplying high viscosity-type material to be supplied patent, WO-2014117872-A1: Spindle gear unit for an adjusting mechanism in a motor vehicle and vehicle seat patent, WO-2016162113-A1: Transporter and plug of a resectoscope patent, WO-9713959-A3: Feed-water preheater patent, WO-9724477-A1: Method of producing a spinning or twisting ring, and a spinning or twisting ring produced by the method patent, WO-9931381-A1: Mounting device for mounting fuel injection valves patent, WO-0005524-A1: Universal cartridge for a mixer faucet patent, WO-0139758-A3: Method for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of diseases caused by il-12 using thalidomide and anti-inflammatory cytokine patent, WO-03089250-A3: Security document patent, WO-2004029729-A3: Watch patent, WO-2005051604-A1: Method and assembly device for producing a rotary joint patent, WO-2008071160-A1: Method for evaluating a pwm signal profile patent, WO-2008098273-A1: Red beet juice patent, WO-2009092339-A1: Motor vehicle and roof module comprising an air-conditioning system patent, WO-2010055100-A1: Pump unit for a high-pressure pump patent, WO-2011000648-A2: Hair-protective cosmetic i patent, WO-2011153983-A3: Device and method for filling products patent, WO-2012110062-A1: Method for controlling the recuperation behaviour in a motor vehicle and motor vehicle patent, WO-2014005714-A1: Calibration of a magnetic sensor patent, WO-2015081362-A1: Optical input surface patent, WO-2015110579-A1: Method for operation of an onboard power supply patent, WO-2015149748-A1: Radio signal sequence, transmitter, receiver, device, and data link system patent, WO-2017055129-A1: Multi-stage rotary vane pump patent, WO-2017097901-A1: Apparatus for detecting and measuring brake dust patent, WO-9303593-A1: Electrical connection, especially through contacts on a printed circuit board patent, WO-9512840-A1: Switched-mode power supply patent, WO-9712150-A1: Electromagnetically actuated directional valve patent, WO-9739228-A1: Hand-guided appliance with an internal combustion engine with direct electronic injection patent, WO-9816695-A1: Jet adjuster patent, WO-0023166-A1: Filter cartridge patent, WO-0030897-A1: Switch and/or indicating element patent, WO-03047670-A1: Inhalation device for dry powder controlled by inspiration patent, WO-2004111406-A3: Internal combustion engine with exhaust gas recycling device and corresponding method patent, WO-2006053454-A1: Feeding device patent, WO-2007042523-A3: Method for heating a steam turbine patent, WO-2013139585-A3: Fire-resistant outer casing for electrical installation cabinets in rail vehicles patent, WO-2014023277-A1: Floor-mounted conveyor device with a self-supporting supporting structure patent, WO-2015144749-A1: Marking device patent, WO-9108233-A1: New blood-clot-dissolving proteins, and their preparation from the leech hirudo medicinalis patent, WO-9503703-A1: Process and device for extruding and coating foodstuffs patent, WO-9821245-A1: Highly affine antibody against human bdnf, method for the production and use thereof patent, WO-9924597-A1: Method for producing l-carnitine from crotonobetaine patent, WO-9944588-A3: Method for producing solid, spherical forms containing pharmaceutical active agents in a binder matrix patent, WO-0147627-A1: Method and device for the mask-free production of biopolymers by means of a light diode array patent, WO-0191271-A1: Drive device for a door patent, WO-03033544-A1: Copolymerizable photoinitiators for uv-crosslinkable adhesives patent, WO-2009027400-A1: Displaceable device for working on preferably flat surfaces patent, WO-2009150134-A1: Device and method for determining the properties of aerosol formulations patent, WO-2013170930-A1: Hose line, in particular for diving equipment patent, WO-2014056489-A1: Camshaft adjuster with a rolled connection patent, WO-2016074808-A1: Device for bracing vertebras of the human spinal column patent, WO-0166631-A1: Use of amino-substituted hydroxybenzophenones as light-stability agents and stabilizers for non-living organic material patent, WO-03068812-A2: Immune-modulating peptide made of s. aureus enterotoxin b patent, WO-2010000282-A1: Method for producing n-phenyl-n-(4-piperidinyl)amide salts patent, WO-2013160089-A1: On-load tap changer patent, WO-2014125022-A1: Method for checking the authenticity of an identification document patent, WO-2017182453-A1: Closure head for closing a container having a container closure patent, WO-2004090307-A1: Cover for a unit in the engine compartment of a motor vehicle patent, WO-2004091857-A1: Device for cleaning and/or deburring workpieces patent, WO-2005021424-A3: Metal-containing, hydrogen-storing material, and method for the production thereof patent, WO-2009112421-A1: Storage of electrical energy with thermal storage and return through a thermodynamic cycle patent, WO-2009129911-A1: Liquid crystalline medium patent, WO-2010000242-A1: Fixing tie patent, WO-2010049457-A2: Active ingredient combination for the treatment of mature skin i patent, WO-2016062343-A1: Method for producing a plastic component and plastic component patent, WO-2008037239-A1: Double trimming shears patent, WO-2009138359-A3: Household appliance comprising an image capturing device patent, WO-2011057904-A1: Sensor system, sensor device, and diagnostic device patent, WO-2015139929-A1: Tempered glass article having a sub-surface laser engraving, and method of production patent, WO-0215293-A3: Organic field-effect transistor (ofet), a production method therefor, an integrated circuit constructed from the same and their uses patent, WO-2005107451-A1: Bait box patent, WO-2014001019-A1: Light-emitting diode module and motor vehicle headlight patent, WO-9837006-A1: Winding device patent, WO-2008071329-A1: Coating system and method for the series coating of workpieces patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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